What Is The Ultimate Weed Detox Shampoo Choice For Passing A Drug Test?

Around 10% of the population in the US is actively using some kind of drug. Just in the past month, around 30 million Americans used some narcotic substance. Most of them are marijuana users. The marijuana is the least addictive and the least harmful illicit drug but at the same time, it’s the one that stays in our system the longest.

This means it’s the one that’s most easy to be detected on the drug tests. Knowing that the follicle method is able to uncover THC in our body for up to 90 days, it means that weed users must pay extra attention prior to the examination day.

When it comes to passing it, the macujo method is the best way we know on how to pass a hair follicle drug test using the best weed detox shampoo. The macujo is based on it. This shampoo is called Aloe Rid.

What is the Aloe Rid detox shampoo?

For being sure that you’ll come out negative on the work examination day you need this shampoo. It’s important to get the old formula as it is proven to give the best results.

The basic ingredient that does all the work for you in it is called propylene glycol. This is a chemical substance with a lot of power in treating your hair. It’s able to skim every single one on your head and open the layers. After this, it’s fairly easy for the toxins to come out with the help of the water coming from the shower.

Of course, this is not a magical substance. You need to use it for some time in order to get perfect results. The manufacturer claims that only using this you’ll get a perfectly healthy and clean hair, but people don’t like risking and the macujo method is what they prefer more.

What is the macujo method?

The macujo is based on the shampoo we just mentioned. It’s a little bit expensive method but it’s proven to work. We tried it more times and we passed every time. If you open the internet and look for testimonies, comments, and reviews, you’ll see that other people claim the same.

To do this, first, you need to stop smoking for at least 10-14 days before the big day. Then you need to get some white vinegar, a Tide detergent, and the pink Clean and Clear skincare formula. It’s a strange combination and it all goes on your head but don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright.

First, you wet your hair and you put the vinegar. Make sure it’s rubbed deep inside the scalp as this is the solution that will make your skin soft and relaxed. Your pores will open up and be ready for what’s coming next.

Then you add the skincare product and you do the same to your scalp. Massage good and make sure it gets deep inside. Cover every spot where there’s a hair over it. The reason you do this is to make sure the parts of the hair that’s still under the skin are also treated. You don’t want this untreated and when the day comes the parts that were below the surface to come out and show drug use.

When you’re done, put a plastic cap on your head and let it stay like that for half an hour.

After this get the shampoo and wash everything off. Rinse thoroughly and don’t miss a spot. Make sure the solution touched every part of the head and no place is missed. The ingredients inside will do the job. See how to shower properly on this link.

It’s great that this shampoo is not harmful like some other detox products and will not damage your hair. You can use it daily and make it your everyday washing product.

In the end, take the Tide detergent and make another shower with it. This is a chemical made of many different ingredients among which is a bleach that will damage your hair a little. Don’t worry, the point of it is exactly that. It’s good to see this happen as your chances grow with this move.

What you need to mind on the examination day

Make sure you do this routine on the same day. With this, you grow the chances by more than 20%. Of course, if you didn’t do the procedure before, the washing prior to the test won’t do any difference, but a combination of both is perfect.

Some people like to add another quick solution detox product to this method. The reason for this is because they work in a different way. What they do is create a window frame during which is impossible to detect the narcotic substances. The problem with this is that it’s not always working. In fact, a lot of the time it’s not.

Some formulas have a window frame of 8 hours, some go up to 24. They damage the hair a lot and that’s how they solve the problem. However, the problem is that this is not always a good choice so it’s better if you don’t lean on this.

Another thing you need to know is that you can’t cheat on this test. If you don’t wash it off with the proper product, there’s no other way. Some people think that shaving all hair from their head will make a difference. It won’t. The technician will simply get a sample from another part of your body.

If you shave thoroughly everywhere, sure, they won’t be able to get a sample but it will be clear that you’re trying to trick them. They’ll explain this to your employer and you’ll get sacked without even trying getting to the lab.

Also, imagine the face of your boss when you show up completely bald and you weren’t like this a day before it was announced that an examination is coming. Stick to the proven methods and pass the test.